Forever One

A Fascinating, Loving Book
by Jerry Hirschfield,Ph.D. 

Best Selling Author of:
My Ego, My Higher Power, And I, and
The Twelve Steps for Everyone... who really wants them (over one half-million copies in print)

Forever One contains startling revelations about Reality, Creation, the Universe, and us:

Affirms that we are perfect Spiritual Beings
made of God's pure Energy of Love

• Using the precious gift of Free Will, each of us created an individual ego

• Becoming addicted to our own egos, we forgot our True Nature, which still lives within us, untouched, as Perfect Love

• Introduces the ground-breaking Truth that we–with God's help–created the physical universe

• We accomplished this apparently miraculous feat while in the spiritual realm, using our God-given, perfect powers of infinite, creative intelligence, as modified by our egos' limitations and desire for separation

Under our egos' spell, we created, and continue to create, the illusion of a conflict-ridden, violence-prone world

• Gently loving our egos into surrender will restore peace, harmony, and love, within us first; then, between us all. It is all up to us!

The spiritual realm is the True Reality in which we all currently exist in close communion. The physical universe is a mutually supported ego illusion! (To our egos, this seems like the other way around.)

              Read this warm, loving book
                                 and rejoice in Freedom, Truth, and Love

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Forever One will help you resolve age-old questions about the Nature of God, about Who we really are, and why we're here on planet Earth.

It clearly states:

Why we are here on Earth and how we got here

Why there is so much pain and suffering in the world; although God is all-loving and cares deeply about all of us, who are in Reality part of Him/Her

How we can end the violence and suffering by doing our own individual inner work to clear up the wreckage of our past--through love and compassion, first for ourselves, which then narurally spills over to our fellow beings.

Love is the Only, True, Real Answer and Healer. We are here to learn to love truly and deeply. Why not begin now?

To Order Forever One, click here                  Price  $17.50

         Comforting messages from God, 
               of Truth and Love in a world of apparent ego chaos


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