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Introduces a New Model of the Omniverse Based on Spiritual Truth

To Bring Us Love, Peace, and Joy in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond

by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-9626597-5-1, pbk, 375 pgs., Price $19.00

A Transformational Journey from Ego to Higher Self
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-9626597-4-4, pbk,  279 pgs.,  Price $16.00   

FOREVER ONE - Letters from God
You Are Perfect Love
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-9626597-3-8, pbk,  288 pgs.,  Price $17.50   

THE SCIENCE of MIND, Original 1926 Text
by Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science.
Explains the principles of spirituality and how to apply them in the physical world. After being out of print for over sixty years, this book is now back by popular demand.
ISBN 0-9626597-2-X,  Quality pbk,  398 pgs,  Price $24.00    

THE TWELVE STEPS FOR EVERYONE...who really wants them
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.  
Adapts and applies the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to any life challenge
Over one-half million copies in print.  A favorite of thousands.
ISBN 1-56838-047-X,  pbk,  140 pgs,  $13.95

Los Doce Pasos Hacia La Liberacion Espiritual
by Jerry Hirschfield
Spanish translation of the Twelve Steps for Everyone... (see above)
ISBN 84-7640-635-5,  pbk,  142 pgs,  $12.00     

Compact Discs

Finding the Love Within
by Jerry Hirschfield,  1 hour,  $10.00      

Finding Your Inner Self and Realizing Your true Nature
by Jerry Hirschfield,  1 hour,  $10.00      

Beyond Spiritual Awakening: Jerry's Story
by Jerry Hirschfield,  1 hour,  $10.00       


Free Brochure

Transformational Therapy
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
Description of the the type of therapy practiced by Dr. Hirschfield,  FREE

 Book Descriptions

Books by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D. 

Your Soul Is Calling: Healing Our Ego Addiction

Introduces A New Model of the Omniverse

by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-9626597-5-1,  pbk,  375 pgs.,                                                                         


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My Ego, My Higher Power, And I
A Transformational Journey from Ego to Higher Self
Revised Edition
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-9626597-4-4,  pbk,  279 pgs.
Price $16.00 



Read this sensitive, caring book and find out how to contact the Higher Power within you


Comments from Readers

"This book is simply profound! It's the clearest, most easily understood description of the individual's spiritual journey that I have ever read. Thank you, Jerry Hirschfield!"
S.F., La Selva Beach, California

"This was the first book my spiritual teacher required me to read. It was exactly what I needed. I really feel you were divinely inspired to write this book."
  D.L., Middleburg, Florida

"This is definitely a book that all who are seeking spiritual awareness should read."
J.J.K., Pine Colorado

"I want to thank you and thank God for your wonderful book! Reading it was an incredible miracle and definitely God-given. Your fabulous book has transformed me and my world. Thankyou for my miracles."
R.A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


My Ego, My Higher Power, And I presents a new, comprehensive three-part depiction of our divine/human psyche which helps put your thoughts, feelings, and actions into perspective. It also outlines a path you can follow which leads to gradual surrender of your ego to the loving care of the Higher Power within you. This is a journey of transformation from the stress, fear, anger, and depression of an ego-dominated life to the serenity, freedom, love, and joy of a spiritually guided life.
The choice is yours!

My Ego, My Higher Power, And I helps those who seek a closer contact with their Inner Self/Soul. Men and women in recovery from chemical addiction or childhood trauma find it especially useful in healing their psychic wounds, which leads to a new-found freedom through a gentle spiritual awakening.

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Forever One, Letters from God
You Are Perfect Love

by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-9626597-3-8,  pbk,  288 pgs                 Price - $17.50


Fifty-three letters dictated by God/Spirit through an inner voice in the language of Love and Infinite Compassion



Comments from Readers

"...a provocative book. By resonating with the sense of oneness running through its pages, readers will feel part of a greater source, a source both compassionate and timeless."
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.                  Professor of Psychology,
San Francisco, California
Co-author of Personal Mythology and Spiritual Dimensions of Heaaling.

"...a thought provoking book that explores the deepest questions we as humans have been asking, then answers them with wisdom and comfort. Bravo!"

Patrice Karst                                      Author of God Made Easy.

"...a book that offers words of comfort to the millions who suffer from debilitating dependencies of any kind. It needs to be read by many people."
Rokelle Lerner, Psychotherapist and author Living in the Comfort Zone and Affirmations for the Inner Child

"...I loved Forever One. God really spoke to me through Jerry. Just reading what God has written put my whole countenance into a state of peace and love."

Robbin Abbott                             Science of Mind Practitioner
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Excerpts from Forever One, Letters from God ...

You have done nothing wrong. You are absolutely Perfect, as Pure as the day I created You. You are innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. I hope with all My Heart that you can believe this for it is the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
— Letter 1

Since I am Pure Spirit, I have no need of a physical universe. If I had created one at all, it would be Perfect as I Am. I would never and could never create anything that is not Perfect. I would never create anything that would cause dissention, strife, struggle, pain or suffering of any kind.
— Letter 2

The only Real World is the Spiritual Realm which I created and which You, as Spiritual Beings, have helped to extend and enhance. The physical world which you so often call "the real world" is not Real at all. Your scientists are now discovering this. They have found once again that there is no such thing as solid matter. It is only an appearance, and therefore, an illusion.
— Letter 3

You cannot be Truly Happy, Serene, and Loving while imagining yourself cut off from Me, Your Only Source of Happiness, Serenity, and Love. Through your chosen separation, you cut yourself off from the very things you yearn for.
— Letter 13

My Lovely, Precious Child, You are all on your way out of your bad dream, heading toward your Home of Peace, Love, and Truth. You are beginning to see more Light. You are leaving your ego darkness behind as you go . . . You are discovering the Truth which I have placed within Each and Every One, and it is allowing you to claim the Freedom which has always been Yours . . . You are Love.
— Letter 25

I created You as perfect Spiritual Beings living in Harmony with Each Other, Each with Free Will and the ability to create out of the Energy You Are made of, and which is all around and through You. I did not give some of You greater power, greater intelligence, greater size, greater personalities, or greater anything than others. All of this, your egos have done following your imagined separation from Me and from Each Other.
— Letter 34

ADD TO CART Price    $17.50

The Twelve Steps for Everyone . . . who really wants them
 by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
                                  over one-half million copies in print
ISBN 1-56838-047-X, pbk, 140 pgs. Price: $13.95


The first book to interpret the Twelve Steps of A.A. for all people everywhere.

The Twelve Steps for Everyone . . . is a blueprint for spiritual awakening. It has helped over one-half million people find happiness and peace of mind.

An adaptation of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for all people looking for a better life, the book gently guides you through each of the steps, which you can take in your own time and your own way.

These twelve simple steps constitute one of the most powerful spiritual tools to emerge from the twentieth century.

A favorite of people in more than one hundred Twelve Step Fellowships, the book provides a compassionate introduction to a spiritual path which leads to an enriching spiritual awakening.

Excerpts from The Twelve Steps for Everyone . . .

In our quest for physical comfort, we have pursued and even worshiped material well-being, often at the expense of emotional and spiritual health, having almost completely lost sight of the fact that spiritual health is our wealth.
— Introduction

Dependence on a greater Power which never runs out is not enslavement; it is freedom through transcendence of our human limitations. The more we depend on our Higher Power, the more independent we become.
— Step 3

As our spiritual awakening continues, we become more lovable, make new friends more easily, and feel comfortable with other people. Our relationships with our families improve..., as we are drawn closer to each other, yet recognize the independent dignity of each human being.
— Step 12




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Los Doce Pasos Hacia La Liberación Espiritual,
El Programa que ha Ayudado a Millones de Personas

by Jerry Hirschfield
ISBN 84-7640-635-5, pbk, 142 pgs,  5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Price $12.00


Traducción en español de Twelve Steps for
Everyone . . . who really wants them

Párrafos Extraídos de Los Doce Pasos...

En nuestro afán de comodidad física, perseguimos e incluso sacralizamos el bienestar material y, con frecuencia, lo hacemos a costa de la salud emocional y espiritual, olvidando por completo que esa salud espiritual es nuestra mayor riqueza.
— Introducción

La dependencia de un Poder que nunca se extingue no esclaviza. Libera porque nos hace trascender las limitaciones humanas. Cuanto más dependientes seamos de nuestro Poder Superior, más independientes seremos.
— Tercer Paso

Al despertar espiritualmente nos sentimos también más amados, hacemos amigos con mayor facilidad y estamos a gusto con la gente. También mejoran las relaciones con la familia al acercanos más a cada uno de sus miembros, sin dejar de reconocer por ello la independencia y la dignidad de cada ser humano.
— Duodécimo Paso

Los Doce Pasos... le enseña la aplicación pràctica de los Doce Pasos de Alcohólicos Anónimos a toda persona que está en la búsqueda de un camino que le lleve hacia la liberación espiritual y emocional. Estos doce simples pasos representan una colección de los más poderosos métodos espirituales aparecidos en el Siglo Veinte. Este libro es traducción del exitoso The Twelve Steps for Everyone . . . who really wants them del que se han vendido más de medio millón de ejemplares en inglés.

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Other Books

The Science Of Mind, Original 1926 Text

by Ernest Holmes

ISBN 0-9626597-2-X, Quality pbk, 398 pgs,

8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Price $24.00  

A new reprint of the original edition of The Science of Mind which first appeared in 1926 and went out of print in 1938 for over sixty years. This book contains Dr. Holmes's original, unedited, unabridged Science of Mind lessons, as well as a fifty-page section (Lesson Six) on the Law of Psychic Phenomena which is not part of the currently used Revised Edition.


Exact replica of the original 1926 edition. A work of love published in response to numerous requests from students of Religious Science

Excerpts from The Science of Mind, Original 1926 Text

There is One Infinite Life acting through Law, and this Law is mental; the Law is Mind in action.We are surrounded by an Infinite, Subconscious, Impersonal, Neutral, Plastic, Creative, Ever-Present, Thinking Stuff from which all things come, which, in Its Original State, permeates and penetrates all things. By impressing our thought upon this Substance we can cause It to produce for us that which we think, to the limit of our ability to mentally embody the idea.
— Ernest Holmes (page 120)

We are guided daily by Divine Intelligence into paths of peace wherein the soul recognizes its Source and meets with It in joyful Union, in complete At-one-ment.
— Ernest Holmes (page 222)

The Original Text of the Science of Mind was first published in copyrighted form in 1926. This important work went out of print in 1938 when it was replaced by the currently used Revised Edition.

This profound book is intended for all seekers of Truth who wish to see beyond the veil of materialism and understand the age-old Truths that the entire material universe and everything in it is created through our thoughts and attitudes. Ernest Holmes explains in detail how we create our own circumstances; how the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we carry within us are transformed into matter and events in our lives. Read this valuable text and change your life!

This new edition of the Original Text is an exact replica of the 1926 publication. Other than its new soft cover and front pages, nothing has been changed. No editing has been done, and no typographical or misprint errors were corrected. Each page of this book has been photographed, unretouched, from the corresponding page of the original work. It is pure Ernest Holmes presented to those interested in studying or perusing his earliest work.

ADD TO CART     $24.00


Compact Discs

Finding the Love Within
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

CD, 1 hour Price: $10.00  

A workshop presented at the Central California Women's Conference. Love is within every one of us, placed there by an unconditionally loving Power who cares deeply for us and forgives us instantly for anything we may be blaming ourselves for. To find this infinite Love, we need to quiet our egos and choose to listen to only positive inner messages. Ends with a guided meditation.

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Finding Your Inner Self
and Realizing Your True Nature

by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

CD, 1 hour Price: $10.00     

A lecture presented at the Central California Women's Conference. Our True Nature is the Divine, Loving Energy we all share, as distinguished from our ego which is always out for "Number One." Ends with a guided meditation to help us contact this Loving, Inner Self.

ADD TO CART $10.00

Beyond Spiritual Awakening
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

CD, 1 hour, $10.00    

Using the Twelve Steps of A.A., adapted for everyone, as a springboard to grow beyond Spiritual Awakening to a life filled with joy, peace, love, and acceptance. Applying the basic laws of Spiritual Energy to end our bondage and apparent victimization, and to realize the life we truly want, which is ours as a free gift from the Omniverse.*

*  The Omniverse includes all the potential universes and the infinite energy beyond the boundaries of the finite, physical universes as well as within their boundaries.

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Free Brochure

Transformational Therapy
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.

A FREE Brochure describing the type of psychotherapy practiced by Jerry

                   Excerpts from 

          Transformational Therapy

Transformational Therapy is a gentle form of therapy which reveals to you the unconscious barriers your ego places in the way of your growth to wholeness and harmonious being.

Transformational Therapy is based on a new model of the human psyche which consists of three inter-related "parts:" our ego, the Spirit within us, and our "I" who is our true individual identity.

The way out of our suffering is to realize the existence of the Perfect Power within and to turn to it for guidance; to realize that this Power IS the Reality we seek and that our ego is a fake substitute which arises from ignorance of the Perfect Being we truly are.

As we come to know this, our ego learns to surrender. We begin to see that we are not our ego; rather we are our True Loving Self, I, who emerges from the surrender of ego. Through this surrender we are transformed to live in freedom and joy. 

                           Copyright G.A. (Jerry) Hirschfield 2000, 2018