Most of us do not realize that we live in a world of egos made by egos. We have lived here so long (eons) that we have forgotten our pure, spiritual, loving origin. Under the ego's outer covering, we are still that Perfect Being created by a Perfect Creator eons ago. The Inner Being that we are will never change. It is perfect, whole, complete, and infinite. It is unconditionally loving.

A long, long time ago, before the beginning of time, we were created as perfect Spiritual Beings by our Creator who gave us the marvelous gift of free will. This gift is inviolate. It will never be taken away because our Creator never takes away what He/She gives. Contrary to much popular belief, our Creator only gives and gives; never takes away anything, and never asks for anything in return. Nor does He/She ask anything of us that is beyond our current human capabilities.

Our infinitely and unconditionally loving Creator's help is always available to accomplish anything that we decide we want to do. To accept that ever-present help in its true form, we must make ourselves ready by releasing our egos' false beliefs and ideas so that the Truth can emerge from within us.

Over numerous millennia, our egos have accumulated a huge number of false ideas and beliefs about how life works and what it is all about. These false ideas, beliefs and resulting attitudes are everywhere in our ego-based society. They restrict us from realizing our true greatness and from accepting the omnipresent help of the Great Creator.

These concepts are further elaborated in my books and CD's. Please visit our Books and CD's page, and come back soon. We have much more to share with you. Until then, enjoy the radiance of your Inner Light.

— Jerry

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