Your Soul Is Calling

            Your Soul Is Calling   

                  Healing Our Ego Addiction


             Introduces a New Model of the Omniverse

                             Based on Spiritual Truth

                       to Bring Us Love Peace and Joy

                  in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond

     We have been wrong about God, Creation, the Universe,        
                Reality, matter, Spirit, and about Life Itself,                
                       since the dawn of human history!

  • First, we thought the sun, and the planets revolved around the earth.
  • At the same time, we thought the earth was flat.
  • Then, we thought the atom was the smallest particle of solid matter.
  • Today, still, many of us believe that solid-appearing matter is really solid.
  • Most of us believe that the apparent physical world represents Reality.
  • Today, many scientists still believe that consciousness arises out of matter
     in our brains.

                  All of these facts and more were based on appearances 
            observed by the most learned people among us. 
              For the past five hundred years, we have relied on a science 
                     which has limited itself to the study of the universe 
                                         of solid-appearing objects.

        Now, our Science of Matter is reaching its limit 
            and discovering that there is no such thing 
                                 as a solid object

By expanding the limits of science as we have known it,
we are on the threshold of the most significant discoveries ever!
In this remarkable book, Dr.Hirschfield presents the Energy Model
which will replace the current materialistic model before the end
of the twenty-first century. In the Energy Model:

      • Energy and Consciousness are primal. Matter is secondary
      • All matter is energy constrained to particular forms
      • Our Consciousness provides the mold for the energy to emerge
         as physically-appearing forms
      • The apparent forms of matter are determined by the thoughts
         we allow to be in our minds
      • We have the unlimited power of free choice regarding what we allow
         to be in our minds, constrained only by our ego addiction, 
         which has caused our egos to assume control of our minds.
      • We are all here on this earth to learn to free ourselves
         from our ego addiction so we can reclaim our True Identity
         as the Perfect Spiritual Beings we Really are.

   In this mind-expanding book, Dr. Jerry Hirschfield explains 
                     many of these phenomena and more.

   For the healing of our pervasive ego addiction, based on his personal 
       experience, Dr. Hirschfield recommends the winning combination
         of the two most powerful instruments for spiritual development
            to emerge from the twentieth century: committed practice of 
                 New Thought principles with ongoing participation in
            a new Twelve Step Program such as Ego Addicts Anonymous
(soon to be established)

               A must read for all spiritual seekers 
interested in the ongoing enlightenment of humanity


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Quality Soft Cover, 375 pages, ISBN 978-0-9626597-5-1



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